Data Analysis: Technical Services 2.0

At CADAX, we take data surveying and 3D data to new heights, extracting information that lets you optimize the design and construction of your projects.

Our team looks forward to assisting you with your project!

Steve Bélanger

Senior Technician
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Bernard Dionne

Director of Business Development and Technologies
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Digital Data Management: integral to our technical services

Our goal is to change the world, one construction project at a time. How? By giving all contractors access to the multiple advantages of surveying data analysis and 3D modelling in all of our technical service mandates.
Whether for a project’s design or construction, access to a three-dimensional virtual mock-up ensures more efficient management by:

  • Detecting anomalies during the design phase via extremely precise simulations;

  • Updating the project’s progress in near real time to ensure close monitoring of timelines

  • Facilitating the flow of communication between designers and contractors as well as between different trades

  • Efficiently planning on-site activities such as assessing the quantity of materials needed and their timely delivery, and the precise location where the building or infrastructure is required

As all of today’s building and construction projects move on a quick schedule, optimized use of your construction surveying data and 3D digitization will prevent errors while saving you time and money. Integrating the management and proper use of digital data into the process, from the moment you begin to prepare your project’s specifications, minimizes the risk of the unexpected during the construction phase.