AEC Sector

CADAX is the cornerstone between acquiring field data, designing your project and bringing it to life.


  • Génie-civil
  • Bâtiment
  • Ouvrages d'arts
  • Projets complexes
  • Projets d'envergures


  • Géodésie – gps, trigonométrie et nivellement
  • Topographique, infrastructures et tqc
  • Lidar – scan3d
  • Bathymétrie - hydrographie 3d
  • Inspection technique par drone


  • Conception préparation des travaux d’arpentage, planification et gestion de travaux d’implantation
  • Calcul quantités linéaires et volumétriques
  • Analyses 3d déformations structurales, monitoring et rapport certifié
  • Mise en plan localisation d’infrastructure (tqc), plan topographique
  • Modélisation cad 3d, modélisation industrielle paramétrique 3d
  • Gestion bim des travaux (conception, modélisation, réalisation, suivi d’exécution, …)

Our Latest Projects

With meticulously collected field data and advanced interpretation techniques, we help significantly optimize the efficiency of your construction projects. Learn more about how our team has helped these clients.




Want to benefit from the advantages of digital data? We are a team of experts in digital information management.

Management and Coordination of BIM Mock-ups

Giving you access to valuable information at every step of your project

With our range of Scan to BIM services, you have access to what we do best: precise data collection, meticulous interpretation of the data according to your needs, and the transmission and updating of this information between the teams designing and carrying out your project.
With an exact model of your building or infrastructure, whether existing or to come, you will be able to accurately plan different aspects of your project including the order of tasks to be completed, the quantity of materials and delivery. Updates to the 3D modelling in near real time help you quickly detect any anomalies.
Planning your project’s digital data management, even prior to its design, ensures better control of costs and timelines.

CADAX : Changing the World
One Construction Project at a Time

Data management for construction 2.0

At CADAX, we do more than construction surveying and field data collection. We maximize the potential of this digital data so that each of your building construction or civil engineering infrastructure projects benefits from the best possible planning.